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About Us Pleasant View City currently provides culinary water to approximately 8,571 residents through 2,258 connections. A further breakdown of the specific types of existing connections (e.g., commercial, industrial, institutional, etc.) is not available. Land use within the city is primarily residential with some agricultural and commercial uses. Pleasant View’s vision for future land use remains primarily residential, but with additional commercial development. This water is intended for indoor or sanitary uses. Pleasant View City does not allow irrigation use on its culinary water system with the exception of a private development called Pole Patch on the north bench. All other irrigation is provided from other sources; mainly Pineview Water. There is approximately 30 homes which currently use Pleasant View City for outdoor irrigation. 

Public works staff is committed to deliver safe clean drinking water, here is our annual water quality report.
Does your water bill look higher than usual? It's usually not too hard to find out what has caused a sudden spike in your water bill. Once you find a problem, you'll probably know how to make corrections or when to seek professional help. Here are some items to investigate, to check out what has made your bill so high. Your Household Inside Did you have guests or extra laundry demands last month?
Do you see or hear water running or dripping from toilets, faucets, or sinks?
Is there a silent leak in a toilet? To check, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank, wait ten minutes. If the water in the bowl is now colored, you have a leak.
Have you had any repairs made in the last month? If so, did they use or release water in the process?
Is your water softener malfunctioning? You can bypass it to test for a leak.
Is your swamp cooler leaking? Your Household Outside Did you wash the windows or cars last month?
Did you have new grass or plants?
Can you see any leaks in or around outdoor faucets, pipes, or hoses? Swimming Pool / Hot Tub Have you filled or drained your pool or hot tub recently?
If you have an auto-fill system, is it working properly?
Does the water level in the pool or hot tub drop more than 1/4 inch per week?