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Storm Water

About our System

Pleasant View City's Storm Water System is composed of pipes, detention basins, ditches, and canals. The two canals located within Pleasant View City are the North Ogden Canal and the Ogden-Brigham canal. Most drainage exits Pleasant View City through the UDOT storm drain pipes on the south end of the City and the North Ogden Canal. The overall concerns, priorities, and goals of the City and this SWMP document are to protect the water quality of the streams, canals, and other water bodies in and around the City

Storm Water Pollution Prevention

In your lawn and garden, there are simple, yet effective ways to minimize pollution to Pleasant View City's Storm Water System. Please read through the following list and see what you can do to help prevent pollution in our city. 

◦ Divert rain spouts and garden hoses away from paved surfaces onto grass or a garden area to allow filtration through soil.
◦ Use a broom rather than a hose to clean up sidewalks and driveways. Do not hose down gutters. 

◦ Deposit leaves and clippings in a garbage can.

◦ Do not over-water your lawn, over-watering your lawn can push debris into our storm drains and can create blockage.

◦ Minimize the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers; make sure to apply carefully and sweep up the excess droppings.

◦ Control sediment migration and erosion, don't let it reach the gutter, sweep it up and re-use it. 

◦ Pick-up, bag and dispose of pet waste in a garbage can. 

Automobiles also have potential to create Storm Water pollution. Here are some precautions you can take to minimize any risks.

◦ Conserve water when washing your car and use biodegradable soap when washing. 

◦ Have your car inspected and maintained regularly to reduce leakage of oil, antifreeze and other fluids that may leak from your automobile. 

◦ Reduce automotive emissions through regular auto maintenance, ride sharing, and by using public transportation.

◦ Recycle your used motor oil and antifreeze at automotive centers. 

Report Illegal Discharges

To make inquiries or report illegal dumping or discharging of chemicals, oil, paint, other pollutants in gutters or storm drains, call Pleasant View City's main office (801) 782-8529 . After Pleasant View City's city office is closed, please call Weber County Dispatch (801) 395-8221 .