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Solid Waste

Garbage Pick-Up
Each residence should have two cans at their home, a black and a blue can. Black garbage cans are emptied every week, blue cans are to be used only as a recycling can and will be emptied every other week. Holidays that fall on or after your garbage day may cause a delay in your pick-up. 

Solid Waste Can Maintenance
To report a damaged can, please call the city office at (801) 782-8529 to further assist you and answer your questions.

Need an Extra Can?
If you need an additional black can, you can request one by filling out the form located here.

Pleasant View City Recycling Information

A Few Reminders:

  • Please place cans at least 6 feet from other containers or objects.
  • Please DO NOT block containers with vehicles.
  • Please DO NOT overload your can. If the lid is open more then 2 inches, it is considered to be overloaded. Please contact Pleasant View's City office if you need an additional container.
  • Cardboard boxes MUST be broken down, and/or cut into small pieces. Please do not lay flattened boxes on top of your container. 
  • Please only place acceptable recyclable items into your recycling container. (see list)

Recycling is picked up EVERY OTHER week in Pleasant View, and your pick-up day will coincide with your trash day

Please make sure your container is out the NIGHT BEFORE to ensure that it does not get missed!

If you would like to see what you can and can't recycle, please click here.