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911 - Weber County Dispatch

The Weber Area Dispatch 911 and Emergency Services District is the Public Safety Answering Point for all 911 emergency and non-emergency public safety needs in Weber and Morgan Counties. Emergency communications personnel answer requests for police, fire and medical emergencies and dispatch the appropriate personnel and apparatus.

Weber Area 911 operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While dispatchers have many responsibilities, they have two primary job functions. The first is to receive incoming calls. When a call is received either via 911 or a non-emergency line, a dispatcher collects the information and prioritizes it. The second primary function is to “dispatch”, or send the call to the appropriate police, fire or medical agency or agencies.

For all non-emergency police and fire requests, call (801) 395-8221

Weber 911 administration can be reached during business hours at (801) 395-8234

[email protected]

Weber Area Dispatch
2186 Lincoln Avenue
Ogden, Utah 84401