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Pleasant View City is now using CityInspect software.  Please click here to schedule your inspections.

Call the City Office at (801) 782-8529 to schedule water or sewer lateral inspections (must be done before footing inspection).  All other inspections can be scheduled by logging into your CityInspect account.

For your information the following is a list of items that will be checked in the process of various inspections.

Temporary power
Mid-height bond beam
Sewer and water laterals
8 foot bond beam
Final bond beam
Excavation and forms
Fireplace bond beam
Roof sheathing
Foundation reinforcing steel
Fireplace reinforcement
Fireplace foundtion
Rough framing
Excavation and forms
Slab grade
Roof covering
Rough mechanical
Ground plumbing & test
Electrical service and ground
Underslab ducts
Underslab conduit
Rough electrical
Rough plumbing & test
Shower pan test
Lath or drywall nailing
Stucco mesh or exterior siding
Sewer & test
Septic tank
Leach line or seep pit
Back flow and cross connection
Water service & test
Final electrical
Final plumbing
Final mechanical
Final construction