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520 W Elberta Dr., Pleasant View, UT

(801) 782-8529




Pleasant View City was incorporated in 1945 and currently has the following funds: General Fund, Capital Project Funds, Proprietary Funds, and a Special Improvement Fund. There is a Fixed Asset and Long-term Debt account groups. Total revenue for all funds is estimated at $8,000,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.

Pleasant View City uses Caselle software for its accounting applications.

Pleasant View City is required by State law to provide an annual audit of its financial statements by a Certified Public Accountant in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. This audit must be submitted to the Office of the Utah State Auditor within 180 days after the end of the fiscal year.


  1. II.            OBJECTIVE AND SCOPE


A financial audit is requested for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014. The audit shall be performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, as promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); the AICPA Audits of State and Local Governmental Units audit and accounting guide; and the Government Auditing Standards, published by the U.S. General Accounting Office.

The audit must be completed, and the report issued prior to December 27, 2014. The auditor must deliver an electronic copy of the report to the Office of the Utah State Auditor and to Pleasant View City. Additionally, 12 hard copies of the audit should be delivered to Pleasant View City.

The auditor will be involved in drafting, typing, and printing financial statements, and will assist management’s efforts to obtain the Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Achievement of Excellence in Financial Reporting.



For financial audits, the auditor shall examine the financial statements and records of the entity and shall issue an auditor’s opinion on the entity’s financial statements with an in-relation-to opinion on combining and supplementary information, if any. Such financial statements shall be prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

The auditor shall issue a compliance report based on an audit of general purpose or basic financial statements and a report on the internal control structure; both in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.

The auditor shall prepare and include a statement expressing positive assurance of compliance with State fiscal laws identified by the state auditor and other financial issues related to the expenditure of funds received from Federal, State, or local governments.

The auditor shall prepare a comprehensive management letter including the auditor’s findings and recommendations relative to the internal accounting and administrative controls, compliance with laws and regulations as applicable and adherence to generally accepted accounting principles.

The auditor shall include the written responses from Pleasant View City for each recommendation included in the state compliance letter and the management letter required by the State of Utah Legal Compliance Audit Guide. The auditor shall supply the needed information to complete the management letter.

  1. IV.            AUDIT TERM

If the selected certified public accounting firm performs satisfactorily for the June 30, 2014 audit, it is anticipated that the same firm will be contracted to perform the audit for up to 4 succeeding years, subject to an annual evaluation and Pleasant View City Council appropriation. In any event, the contract terms will not exceed a total of five years.


Interested certified public accounting firms should include the following information in their proposal to perform the audit of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014:

A. Profile of the Independent Auditor

The profile of the proposers should provide general background information. This should include:

  1. 1.       The organization and size of the proposer, whether it is local, regional, national or international in operations.
  1. 2.       The locations of the office from which the work is to be done and the number of professional staff, by staff level, employed at the office.
  1. 3.       A statement on the proposer’s staff capability to audit computerized systems.
  1. 4.       A positive statement that the following mandatory criteria are satisfied:
  1. a.       An affirmation that the proposer is properly licensed for practice as a certified public accountant in the State of Utah.
  1. b.      An affirmation that the proposer meets the independence requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Government Auditing Standards, 2003 revision, published by the U.S. General Accounting Office.
  1. c.       An affirmation that the firm meets the continuing education and external quality control review requirements contained in the Government Auditing Standards, 2003 revision, published by the U.S. General Accounting Office.

B. Proposer’s Qualifications

  1. 1.       Identify the audit partners, audit managers, field supervisors and other staff who will work on the audit, including staff from other than the local office. Résumés including relevant experience and continuing education for the staff auditors up to the individual with final responsibility for the engagement should be included.
  1. 2.       Describe the recent local office auditing experience similar to the type of audit requested.
  1. 3.       If other auditors are to participate in the audit, those auditors should be required to provide similar information.

C. Proposer’s Approach to the Examination

Submit a general audit work plan to accomplish the scope defined in these guidelines. The audit work plan should demonstrate that the proposer understands the audit requirements and the audit tests and procedures to be applied in completing the audit plan. The plan should detail the expected number of audit hours by staff level. The planned use of specialists should also be specified.

D. Time Requirements

Detail how the reporting deadline requirements of the audit will be met.

E. Fees

Supply the billing rates, estimated number of billable hours, other billable expenses and a “not-to-exceed” fee for the audit, inclusive of travel, per diem and all other out-of-pocket expenses. As noted in section IV, it is expected that if the selected certified public accounting firm performs satisfactorily for the June 30, 2014 audit, it will be engaged to perform the audit for the succeeding years. Therefore, the not-to-exceed fee information requested above should be provided on an annual basis for those years.

F. Non-discrimination Clause

Affirm that the firm does not discriminate against any individual because of race, religion, sex, color, age, handicap or national origin, and that these shall not be a factor in consideration for employment, selection of training, promotion, transfer, recruitment, rates of pay, or other forms of compensation, demotion, or separation.



A. Audit programs, work papers, and reports must be retained for a period of three years after the completion of the audit and made available for inspection by Pleasant View City or government auditor’s if requested by them.

B. Payment for the audit will be made upon receipt of the audit reports required in section III.

C. Pleasant View City staff will be available to prepare schedules, trial balances, and provide documentation to assist the auditor as their schedules permit during the course of the audit.


The following criteria will be considered when making an evaluation of the proposals:

A. Technical Factors

  • Responsiveness of the proposal in clearly stating an understanding of the audit services to be performed.
  1. Appropriateness and adequacy of proposed procedures.
  2. Reasonableness of time estimates and total audit hours.
  3. Appropriateness of assigned staff levels.
  • Technical experience of the firm.
  • Qualifications of staff.
  • Size and structure of firm, considering the scope of the audit.
  • Geographic location of key personnel and responsible office.

B. Cost of the audit

C. Right to Reject

Pleasant View City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted and to request additional information from all proposers. Any contract awarded will be made to the independent certified public accounting firm who, based on evaluation of all responses, applying all criteria and oral interviews, if necessary, is determined to be the best to perform the audit.


Five copies of your proposal must be submitted to Pleasant View City, Attn: Laurie Hellstrom, 520 West Elberta Drive, Pleasant View, Utah, 84414, no later than September 16th, 2014 at 12:00 P.M. No proposal will be considered that is not received at or prior to the above time and date. It’s anticipated the selection of the CPA firm will be made by September 23, 2014, and all firms submitting proposals will be notified thereafter as to the selection results.


Any questions about this Request for Proposal can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The subject line should state: “Auditing Services”. Laurie Hellstrom, City Recorder/Finance Officer, can also be contacted at (801) 782-8529 for information necessary to complete the proposal.

500 W. Repairs to be complete by mid-September Print E-mail






August 29, 2014


Melinda Greenwood

City Administrator

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


PLEASANT VIEW, UTAH: At the August 26, 2014 City Council Meeting, the Council approved a resolution enacting emergency procurement provisions to hasten the contract bid award process for repairs on 500 West. At the same meeting, the Council ratified awarding the bid contract to POST Construction.

POST Construction was able to begin stormwater system repairs on Monday, August 25. The contractor will continue with repairs to the stormwater piping, and should begin work on road repairs next week. As much of the subgrade of 500 West was compromised by the stormwater damage, the City Engineering Inspector will work with the contractor to do systematic testing and proof rolling with water trucks to ensure the road base will be up to City standards. When the City is satisfied with the condition and compaction of the road base and subgrade, we will be able to pave the road.

During construction, walkers, joggers, cyclists and all users of the popular “Canal Road” are asked to exercise extra caution when crossing 500 West. Please heed to the barriers and caution tape and venture around the construction zone by heading north of the work area and then back down south to the canal.

Without weather complications or findings of unanticipated damage, we expect the repairs to be completed by mid-September. When the repairs are complete, the City will re-open the road to all traffic, including heavy trucks. The entire project area includes 500 West from 3925 North to 3750 South. As the project now stands, costs for the road repairs and a previously budgeted stormwater enhancement for the area are estimated to be $202,390.00.

For further details, please see the update from August 21, 2014.


PLEASANT VIEW, UTAH: Late on the evening of Wednesday, August 6, the northeast area of Pleasant View City received a tremendous amount of rain. Due to the velocity of the water in the stormwater system, the storm drain structure on 500 West (just below the canal crossing) breached, creating a situation in which stormwater was unleashed below the asphalt and into the substructure of the road. The result of this event was destruction of the road. In particular, the road base, which supports the asphalt, has washed away in several sections. This created voids, crevices and sink holes in the road substructure, some visible at the surface and likely some that can’t be seen.

On Thursday, August 7, the Mayor, City Administrator, City Engineer and Public Works staff determined the road was unsafe for traffic and placed road closure signs on 500 West and created detour routes. After more damage became visible and drivers were not heeding the road closed signs, we further determined the need to permanently deter traffic from the area and placed concrete barricades on the roadway.

The area on 500 West near the canal has a history of problematic stormwater incidents. With this repair project, the City intends to install infrastructure and piping which will better contain the stormwater commonly received on the street and eliminate some of the continual problems in the area. Several design solutions have been considered and the City is proceeding with a design that we feel will best function, considering all the constraints in the area (grade of the road, canal crossing, existing infrastructure, etc.)

As of today, it is unknown when 500 West repairs will commence. Contractors have been asked to provide pricing on the bid schedule items to the City Engineer by 3:00 PM on Friday, August 22. City officials will then determine based on pricing, timeline, references, etc. which contractor will best fit the needs of the project. In order to expedite the project, the City has enacted the emergency procurement provisions in state code and city ordinances. This allows the City to bypass traditional bid practices which would likely add an additional 4 weeks to the process. Once repairs begin, our best estimations are that construction on the stormwater piping will take approximately 2 weeks, with other repairs, including paving, to take between 2 to 4 weeks for a total construction time of 4 to 6 weeks.

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Click here for the Pleasant View City Press Release dated July 16, 2014.

GRAMA Request Information Print E-mail

Please click this link to open a pdf containing information from a request by the Ogden-Standard Examiner through the GRAMA request process.  The pdf could be slow to load due to the size of the document (142 pages).


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