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City Offices and Public Works Building


Pleasant View City requests proposals for janitorial services of the City Offices (approx.7500 SF) and Public Works Building (approx. 2800 SF). The criteria for bid award will be based on low bid. At the time of this advertisement, no contact shall be made with the City regarding this proposal other than by email (see below).


The Contractor selection will be by low bid. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on the date listed below.  Sealed bids are required to be received by the City no later than 10 am on Monday, June 8, 2015, which is also the day and time of the bid opening. The bid opening will be held at City Offices 520 West Elberta Drive, Pleasant View, UT 84414.

The following tentative schedule has been prepared for this proposal.

                        RFP advertisement                             May 22, 2015

                        (Mandatory) Pre-Bid Meeting             June 1, 2015 at 10 am

                        Bid Due & Bid Opening                       June 8, 2015 at 10 am

                        Notice of Award                                  June 9, 2015

Regularly weekly cleaning is also anticipated to begin as soon as possible.  The City anticipates the scheduling of the first semi-annual cleaning to occur on a mutually agreed upon date, also as soon as feasibly possible.



$11)    Cover letter with the following information:

$1a.    Contact information of the point of contact for the contract

$1b.    Brief description or background of the company

$1c.    A minimum of three references and contact information

$1d.    A list of past or current clients

$12)    A signed contract  and initialed exhibits (attached to this RFP)

$13)    A fully completed Schedule A and Schedule B (attached to this RFP)


All questions regarding this project are expected to be submitted by email only. Please submit all questions and correspondence via email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  The subject line should state: RFQ Question


City Offices and Public Works Building

THIS CONTRACT (“Contract”) is entered into this ________day of_______________, 20_____ by and between Pleasant View City (“the City”), a Utah Municipal Corporation and __________________________________________(“the Contractor”), with its principal place of business located at ____________________________________________________________.


WHEREAS, the City is in need of a qualified contractor to provide all labor, materials, equipment, and expertise for performing janitorial services in certain buildings owned or maintained by the City (hereinafter the “Work” as more fully described below); and

WHEREAS, the City solicited bid proposals from qualified contractors to perform the Work and Contractor submitted a proposal to perform the Work; and

WHEREAS, Contractor indicates it is ready, willing, and able to perform the Work as set forth in this Agreement; and

WHEREAS, the City Council has approved the award of the Work to Contractor; and

WHEREAS, the parties desire to enter into this Agreement to govern the terms of the Work


NOW THEREFORE THE PARTIES hereby agree as follows:

$11)    Scope of Work. Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, tools, and expertise necessary for the successful completion and quality of the Work as more fully described and as specified in Exhibit “A”, Exhibit “B” and Exhibit “C”, which are hereby incorporated into and made part of this Agreement and sets forth the specifications for, frequency of and compensation for the Work.  Contractor shall perform the Work in accordance with the following terms:


$1a.    Contractor shall be responsible for any damage of any nature or kind caused by Contractor while performing the Work described herein, including but not limited to property damage to buildings, walls, furniture, floor coverings, windows, doors and doorways. 

$1b.    Contractor shall provide a method by which the City can contact the Contractor while Contractor is performing the work.

$1c.    Prior to commencing the Work, Contractor will be required to provide a copy of all required insurance certificates, janitorial bond and valid business license.

$1                                          i.    General Liability Insurance $1,000,000 per incident or $2,000,000 aggregate

$1                                         ii.    Automobile Liability Insurance $1,000,000 per accident and coverage for “Any Auto”

$1                                        iii.    Employee Bonding $250,000 against theft and damage of City Property

$1                                       iv.    Workers Compensation Insurance per statute

$1d.    Contractor and employees must pass a BCI background check because a portion of this service includes a police department.  Contractor and all employees must be free from any theft, fraud, drug use and/or felonies.  The City reserves the right to terminate this contract if Contractor and employees fail to pass a background check. 

$1e.    The contractor will furnish all labor, equipment, chemicals and other materials necessary to accomplish the work as described in the Exhibits.

$12)    Compensation. The total consideration to be paid for the completion of the Work, as defined herein, shall be as set forth in Schedule “A”.  Said sums shall be paid by the City to the Contractor within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice from Contractor and verification of satisfactory completion of the Work by the City.  All call backs for unsatisfactory service shall be performed by the Contractor at no cost to the City.


$13)    Term of Agreement.  This Agreement shall be held in full force and effect for a period of three (3) years from its Effective Date, unless terminated sooner pursuant to Paragraph 4 below.  The City shall have the right to renew this Agreement for up to two (2) additional one (1) year terms with all of the same terms, specifications, conditions, compensation, etc. as set forth.  Such renewal shall be at the sole discretion of the City and shall be accomplished by the City sending written notice of said renewal to the Contractor not less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the then current term.


$14)    Termination.

$1a.    If a party to this service agreement fails to perform according to its obligations, the party claiming non-performance shall send the non-performing party, written notice, specifying the manner of non-performance.  This notice will provide the non-performing party fifteen (15) days from receipt of the notice, to cure or correct the items of non-performance. 

If these items have not been corrected or cured within fifteen (15) days, the claiming party may give a notice of written termination and/or pursue other available remedies for default. 

$1b.    The City may terminate this Agreement at any time either with or without cause upon giving Contractor thirty (30) calendar days prior written notice.  Upon submission of a final invoice, the City shall within thirty (30) calendar days pay Contractor for all services rendered and all costs incurred up to the date of termination, in accordance with the compensation provisions of this Agreement.

$15)    Independent Contractor. While performing the Work, the Contractor is an independent contractor and not an officer, agent or employee of the City.


$16)    Warranty. Contractor warrants and guarantees the Work against faulty performance.  Contractor agrees to perform all callbacks for inadequate cleaning at no cost to the City.

$17)    Contract Modifications. This Contract may be amended, modified, or supplemented, only upon written agreement by both parties.

$18)    Disputes. 

$1a.    Written Authorization. Claims for services or materials not clearly authorized by the Contract, or not ordered by the City by prior written authorization, will not be paid.  The Consultant shall notify the City in writing, and wait for written approval, before it begins work not previously authorized. If such notification and approval is not given or the claim is not properly documented, the Consultant shall not be paid the extra compensation.  Proper documentation alone shall not prove the validity of the claim. 

$1b.    Mediation and Litigation. The parties agree to use mediation after exhausting applicable administrative reviews to resolve disputes arising out of this contract.  The parties agree that in the event of litigation, jurisdiction and venue will be in the 2nd District Court in Weber County.

$1c.    Attorneys’ Fees. In the event of default by one of the parties to this Agreement, the non-defaulting party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs incurred in the enforcement of this Agreement, regardless of whether an action is commenced or prosecuted to judgment.

(Signatures on following page)

The parties below hereto agree to abide by all the provisions of this contract.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties sign and cause this contract to be executed.

CONTRACTOR– ________________________






















City Administrator




Exhibit “A”

Quality Standards

All quality standards listed below shall be maintained by use of industry best practices. Some marks, spots, stains etc. are not generally considered to be removable by industry best practices.

$11)    Ceramic tile walls will have a uniform appearance free of dust, dirt, marks, and foreign matter.

$12)    All drains will be kept clear of debris and free of odors.

$13)    Exterior entry hard surface areas will be free of dirt, sand and foreign debris.

$14)    Finished wood surfaces, including but not limited to, cabinets, the dais, and other wood surfaces will have uniform appearance, free of oils, dust, dirt and chemical buildup.

$15)    Horizontal surfaces of whatever material or location in the facilities will be free of dust, dirt and foreign matter.

$16)    HVAC, ceiling and wall air grilles will be free of any accumulation of dirt, dust or foreign matter.

$17)    Metal fixtures, including, but not limited to, fountains, faucets and thresholds will be clean, bright, sanitized, and free of odor, dirt, marks and other foreign matter.

$18)    Restroom and locker room walls and partition surfaces and hardware will have a uniform clean appearance free of dirt, dust, lint and other foreign matter.

$19)    Shelving and overhead bins will be free of dust, dirt and foreign matter.

$110)Exterior and interior door mats will be free from any observable dirt, lint or other foreign matter.

$111)Waste containers and waste areas, including shredders will be clean and free from debris, dirt, odor and moisture. 


I understand the standards set forth in this contract for the quality of work to be performed for the City.

X_____ Initials of key contact

Exhibit “B”

Weekly Cleaning Items

Contractor will provide the following housekeeping on a weekly basis, City prefers this occurs outside of regular business hours.  For purposes of weekly cleaning, it is anticipated that cleaning will not extend beyond eight to ten feet from the floor.

$11)    Dust and spot clean all horizontal and vertical surfaces.

$12)    Dust and clean all light fixtures.

$13)    Dust all HVAC ceiling and wall grilles.

$14)    Refill all chemical and paper supplies including hand soap, toilet tissue, and paper towels;

$15)    Sweep or dust mop and mop all non-carpeted floors;

$16)    Flush all restroom floor drains

$17)    Empty and clean all waste containers, including the shredders, and replace liners as needed

$18)    Clean and disinfect all drinking fountains

$19)    Clean interior and exterior surfaces of all entrance doors, including adjacent sidelights and related frames;

$110)Clean and disinfect all restroom/locker room surfaces and fixtures

$111)Clean all interior and exterior entrance mats.

$112)Vacuum or sweep and spot clean all interior floor mats.

$113)Vacuum and spot clean all carpets.

$114)Vacuum and spot clean all upholstered furniture.

$115)Clean and disinfect all public telephones.

$116)Clean and disinfect all countertops.

$117)Remove all cob webs.

$118)Clean all electrical switches and cover plates

$119)Clean all interior surfaces of exterior windows.

$120)Spot clean all interior walls and doors.

$121)Dust and spot clean all finished wood surfaces.

$122)Clean and disinfect all doorknobs, push/pull plates, and panic hardware.

$123)Clean and disinfect serving area counters, sinks, exterior surfaces of cupboards, and exterior surfaces of appliances.

$124)Clean and disinfect all weight room equipment.


I understand the weekly tasks set forth in this contract for the work to be performed for the City.

X_____ Initials of authorized contractor

Exhibit “C”

Semi-Annual Cleaning

The following tasks are required to be completed twice a year on a Saturday, or a mutually agreed upon day. The semi-annual (or “deep cleaning”) is to be performed at one time, or within consecutive working periods and shall not extend over or combined with the weekly cleaning tasks.

$11)    Clean carpets using hot-water extraction method meeting industry standards.

$12)    Clean all light fixtures.

$13)    Scrub and rinse all tile floors and walls (including flush of floor drains).

$14)    Clean interior and exterior surfaces of all windows and other glass surfaces.

$15)    Clean all whiteboard surfaces (including trays and frames).

$16)    Clean and disinfect all desk and chair surfaces.

$17)    Clean and disinfect all empty shelving.

$18)    Pressure wash or extract all interior and exterior door mats.

$19)    Clean all mechanical rooms (sweep, mop and dust).

$110)Dust and clean all high area grilles, ceilings and walls.

$111)Dust all silk plants and table lamps.

$112)Clean all exterior entrance canopy corners, ceilings handrails, and light fixtures.

$113)Clean all upholstered surfaces of furniture.


I understand the semi-annual cleaning tasks set forth in this contract for the work to be performed for the City.

X_____ Initials of authorized contractor

Exhibit “D”

Supplies List

Under separate document, contractor will supply a cost price list for all chemical and paper products listed below.  City will determine at a later date, whether contractor will be responsible for providing these supplies, or if they will be supplied by the City.  Please note: Contractor is expected to provide all equipment, chemicals and cleaning supplies necessary to accomplish the weekly and semi-annual cleanings.

$11)    Hand soap

$12)    Hand soap dispenser

$13)    Paper towels

$14)    Paper towel dispenser

$15)    Garbage bags (appropriate for sized container)

$16)    Restroom Air Fresheners and dispenser or an equivalent


I understand that I will be providing all equipment, chemicals and cleaning supplies necessary to accomplish the weekly and semi-annual cleanings.

X_____ Initials of authorized contractor

Schedule “A”

Service Fee Schedule

Weekly Cleaning Items

as identified in Exhibit “B” for City Offices (approx. 7500 SF)  and Public Works Building (approx. 2800 SF)

Per month

Yearly Cost A

(monthly cost X 12)




Semi-Annual Cleaning

as identified in Exhibit “C” for City Offices (approx. 7500 SF)  and Public Works Building (approx. 2800 SF)


Yearly Cost B

(Each X 2)




Total Cleaning Per Year


(Yearly Cost A) +

(Yearly Cost B)



Schedule “B”

Supply Costs

Hand Soap


Product Description




Hand Soap Dispenser


Product Description




Paper Towels


Product Description




Paper Towels Dispenser


Product Description




Large Garbage Bags/Liners (approx. 13 gallon)


Product Description




Small Garbage Bags/Liners (approx. 4 gallon)


Product Description




Restroom Air Freshener

(or equivalent)  


Product Description




Air Freshener Dispenser (or equivalent)


Product Description



2015 Water Feasibility RFP Print E-mail


Pleasant View City requests proposals from qualified firms for a three point water system analysis, feasibility study and recommendations for connection to a new water source. This is a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process and cost is not a factor in the ranking of consultants to provide the services described herein. At the time of this advertisement, no contact shall be made with the City regarding this project other than by email (see below).


Pleasant View City has a gravity fed water system that consists of three wells and a spring. A fourth well is scheduled to be brought on-line by the end of 2015. A three point analysis of the City’s source, distribution and storage components of the water system will need to be completed. The feasibility study will include the evaluation of alternatives available to the City to connect to an additional water source from an adjacent water provider. Feasibility of future use and inspection of an existing water tank (currently owned by Bona Vista Water District) shall be performed. Recommendations on preferred alternatives shall be provided.

This study should not, and is not intended to be to the specific level of a Water Capital Facilities Plan, although there may be elements of the study that are incorporated into the City’s next update. The City has a 2009 Water Capital Facilities Plan and a 2009 water model that will be available for the analysis.

The City would prefer a schedule that would complete the study in approximately two months, but understands that the schedule must also permit for time, at key points in the process, for stakeholder/Council input and anticipates a total of three to four months for full completion.


The successful firm will be selected through a qualifications based selection process. A selection panel will evaluate each Proposal according to the criteria set forth below. The City will select a firm based on the Proposal received; no formal interviews are planned. However, the City may conduct a due diligence review on the top two or three firms receiving the highest evaluations, which may or may not include formal interviews.

The City expects to select one firm for this project. The City will enter into negotiations with the selected firm and execute a contract upon completion of negotiation of fees and contract terms for City Council approval.

The following schedule has been prepared for this project.

                        RFQ advertisement                May 11, 2015

                        Proposal Questions Due         May 28, 2015

                        Proposal Due                        June 4, 2015

                        Notice of Award                      June 23, 2015            


The Proposal (letter of qualifications) shall be no more than ten (10) pages and include the following information:

  1. A brief narrative of the firm’s background and qualifications.
    1. Identify firm’s RFQ point of contact name, phone number and email address
  1. A small bio for key individual(s) working on project.
  1. A table with a maximum of four (4) relevant projects the firm has completed in the past 10 years. The table should include, at a minimum, the following information:
    1. Project name, location, and completion date
    2. Specific Project Description (e.g. scope of work, purpose, etc.)
    3. Project Outcome (if available)
    4. Key individual(s) from firm involved in project
    5. Project reference contact information of client (name, phone number and email address)
  1. Clearly articulate project deliverables and tasks that accomplish the set objectives described in this request.
  1. Project schedule with identified key milestones.

To be included as the only item in a separate pdf document (2 page limit): Cost Proposal with the estimations of the following:  

  1. Total cost of project;
  2. Actual hours of the project;
  3. Hourly rates of involved personnel;
  4. Any additional costs that may be incurred (e.g. updating of water model, etc)

Note: This is a Qualifications Based Selection and cost will not be weighted in the scoring, nor will these figures be distributed to the selection committee or used as a contract amount. Further consideration of costs, however, is likely to occur during the due diligence review of only the highest ranked firm(s).


  • Qualifications of assigned staff and their direct experience with municipal water systems (40% score rating), specifically in regards to the following:
  1. Demonstration of experience in the planning for, analysis, and feasibility of modifications to existing municipal water systems
  2. Demonstration of recommendations from work completed on municipal water systems being implemented
  3. Demonstration of experience with municipal water systems with similar characteristics (and possibly challenges) of Pleasant View City
  4. Demonstration of an overall depth and diversity of work completed on complex municipal water systems
  • Identification of key tasks, milestones and deliverables. (30% score rating)
  1. Key tasks, milestones and deliverables are clearly articulated
  2. Key tasks, milestones and deliverables identified will directly address the City’s needs for the feasibility and recommendations of connection to a new water source
  • Project schedule (25%)
  1. A realistic, but somewhat aggressive project schedule is proposed
  2. Demonstration of adequate staffing for the project to keep to proposed schedule
  • Providing the requested information in prescribed format and overall presentation. (5% score rating)


All questions regarding this project are expected to be submitted by email only. The deadline for all questions regarding this RFQ is Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 5:00 PM MST. Please submit all questions and correspondence via email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The subject line should state: Water RFP Question. All responses to the inquiries received prior to this date will be distributed to all interested parties via (BCC’d) email.

To be included as an interested party, no later than Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 5:00 PM MST, submit a contact name, firm name, and email address to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .The subject line should state: Water RFP Interested Party


The deadline for the receipt of proposal submittals is 5:00pm MST on Thursday, June 4, 2015. Interested firms shall submit the following by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it prior to the deadline:

  • One electronic PDF file of their qualifications (10 page limit) the subject line should state: Water Analysis Proposal
  1. Paper Size shall be 8½ “ x11”
  2. Font size may not be less than 10 point
  • One electronic PDF file of the cost proposal (2 page limit) the subject line should state: Water Analysis Cost Proposal.
  1. Paper Size shall be 8½ “ x11”
  2. Font size may not be less than 10 point

Note: Any additional pages or content not requested will be grounds for disqualifications.

2700 North Corridor Area Plan Information Print E-mail


Below are links to the presentation of the 2700 North Corridor Area Plan meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.  Please note that these files are large and may take a few minutes to open.  


Agendas Print E-mail

Need an agenda for City Council, Planning Commission or Board of Adjustments?  Click the link below to be transferred to the Utah Public Meetings Notice Website where you can look at agenda's by city name.  Agenda's will be posted prior to 24 hours before each meeting. 

Press Release-Pleasant View City Appoints Ryon Hadley to be Police Chief Print E-mail




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